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[col class=”span4″][h4]Testimonial[/h4][testimonial title=”” control=”on”][testimonial-item cite=”Jim Aitkenhead” linktitle=”” linkurl=””][p] Dan,[/p][p]Thank you for your assistance in my finally getting solar energy working on my property on the ranch. I’m sure you knew, but there is a great, positive feeling when just having the sun shine produces electricity. It’s great to see 40 or 50 amps going into the batteries, and I’m doing nothing to cause it – no generator noise no nothing. I haven’t had to run the generator since we turned the solar panels on last Friday. I knew I’d feel like I should have gotten solar panels going years ago, and I do, but I also know that it took some expertise and help from you to get me to the point where I could make it work.[/p] [p] Thanks,[/p] [/testimonial-item][testimonial-item cite=”Michael Meador” linktitle=”” linkurl=””][p]Hello Dan,[/p][p]Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again. We finally had our net meter installed last week and are now on the grid. We are connected to Enlighten if you are interested and you are still on the list to view. I am interested in seeing how well the system performs on a year round basis but so far it is working great. As I have said before you were a blessing to us with the installation and your expertise help.[/p] [p]I was not familiar with the Enphase system at all and your advice on using it and it’s many advantages I feel will produce many years of trouble free service. [/p] [p]As I have said many times before Dan, I believe in the God of the bible and that nothing is just a coincidence. I will never believe that we were not blessed with you by Jesus. So God bless you and your family and I will send you all of the business I can.[/p][p]Sincerely,[/p] [/testimonial-item][/testimonial][/col]

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