High-Tech Power Generation

High-Tech Power Generation

Enphase M215 MicroinverterThe inverter is the workhorse and brain of the grid connected solar array. It’s primary job is to convert the direct current supplied by photovoltaic solar panels in to alternating current which is used on our electrical grid. Clean output voltage, meaning low noise and true sinusoidal output, is critically important in today’s inverters. The inverter is also responsible for downstream safety. Should the utility grid fail the inverter must shutdown quickly to avoid harming maintenance or emergency crews working with power lines.

The engineering inside of the inverter has seen rapid improvement over the last two decades. The modern inverter is truly a cutting edge electronic solution. Some inverters use a device called a transformer which has the ability, through a series of copper coils, to change voltage levels ensuring proper output. Transformers although proven for many years have several drawbacks. Since they are comprised of copper windings they can be very heavy. The fluctuating signals in the windings can also produce an audible hum. With high voltage levels pushing the transformer very hard it can also become a primary failure possibility in the system. These drawbacks pushed electrical engineers to develop inverters that do not use transformers. With sophisticated electronics the sweeping sine wave of alternating current is generated and smoothed all while allowing for a wide input voltage range to result in a stable output voltage. While transformer based inverters are still popular and widely available, transformer-less versions are fast becoming the choice for solar integrators world wide.

At DIY Solar Depot  we work closely with inverter manufacturers to make sure that the best in inversion technology is sitting on our dock ready for your next solar project. Our representatives can help you with your design requirements for an inverter to make sure you have the best product in place for long term energy harvest.

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