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FHA Title-One Home Improvement Loan

frequently asked questions…

Q. How do we know we qualify?

A. Check the loan calculator, and use the scale.

Q. How much can we borrow?

A. Up to $25,000 for a single-family home or up to $12,000 per unit

(up to $60,000 for a five-unit property).

Q. Do we need a contractor?

A. You can be your own contractor,

sub-contract what you can’t handle yourself or even do the whole job yourself…just make sure you comply with local building laws.

Q. Is this loan tax deductible?

A. Interest may be tax-deductible

(consult your tax adviser*).

Q. Must the work be completed before we get the loan?

A. No.You get ally our money before you start the work.

Q. Is this a good time to start?

A. We can’t answer that until we talk to you.


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Finance your home improvement dreams TODAY with a FHA Title One Home Improvement Loan.


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Banks offer a number of specialty products, but noneas unique as the FHA Title-One Home Improvement Loan. This program gives home owners an opportunity to quickly and affordably finance home repairs and improvements.

Why Choose the FHA Title-One Home

Improvement Loan?

Through the FHA Title-One Home Improvement

Loan program,HUD insures the Bank to finance eligible borrowers with its own funds. There is no equity requirement, and no appraisal is necessary. This allows the Bank to finance your home improvement project faster than most lenders.


The FHA Title-One Home Improvement Loan program offers many benefits not available through traditional financing options.

•Loan decisions within 24-48 hours

•No equity required

•No appraisal necessary

•Obtain up to $25,000 for a single-family home or up to $12,000 per unit (max$60,000)for a multi-family property

•Low fixed rates

•Flexible payment terms of up to twenty years with no prepayment penalties interest may be tax-deductible*