HYUNDAI HiS-S285RG(BK) 285W Mono BLK/BLK Solar Panel


Hyundai HiS-S285RG(BK) 285W Solar Module


Hyundai HIS-S285RG(BK) solar panel specifications
Model NumberHiS-S285RG(BK)
STC Rating285.0 Watts
PTC Rating258.0
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)38.7 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc)9.5 Amps
Frame ColorBlack
Power Tolerance-0 / +3%
Module Efficiency17.4%
Area17.62 ft²
Weight41.2 lbs.
Length64.57 in.
Width39.29 in.
Height1.38 in.

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Hyundai HiS-S285RG Solar Panel Review

Hyundai’s High Reliability Test Standards

Reliability TestIEC StandardsHyundai Standards
UV Exposure Test15kWh/m²Long Term: 1,250kWh/m²
Desert Condition: 3,250kWh/m²
Thermal Cycling TestTC 200 Cycles /
HF 10 Cycles
TC 600 Cycles /
HF 30 Cycles
Damp Heat Test1,000 hours3,000 hours

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Thoroughly Tested by Hyundai

Hyundai solar panel field installation test
Hyundai Field Installation Test

Performance Test
Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) conducts a maximum power, temperature coefficient, low irradiation, NOCT, field test in order to evaluate performance of Hyundai’s solar panels.

  • Solar Simulator Test
  • Maximum Power Test
  • EL Test
  • Field Installation Test
  • NOCT
  • Field Test for Roof
HHI solar panel field performance test
Hyundai Field Performance Test

Field Performance Test
Hyundai conducts field performance tests at their factory in South Korea.

  • Module Aging Test / Inverter Motion Test
  • Generation Test Per Racking
  • Web Monitoring Test / Tracking System (Double Axis)
  • Tracking System / Fixed System
  • PV Tower System / Fixed System
HiS solar Thermal cycling test
Thermal Cycling Chamber

Reliability Test
HHI conducts UV exposure, thermal cycling, humidity freeze, damp heat and pressure cooker tests to evaluate the reliability of their solar panels.

  • UV Exposure Test
  • Thermal Cycling Test
  • Thermal Cycling Chamber
  • Accelerated Aging Test
  • Damp Heat Test
HHI mechanical load test

Module Technology: Mono
Dimensions: 65 × 39.1 × 1.57 in
Weight: 40.1 lb
Cells Per Module: 60
Module Frame Material: Black Anodized
Module Frame Thickness: 40mm
Module Backsheet Material: Black
Module Connector: Other
Module Output Cables: Other

Module Watts STC: 285 Watts
Module Watts PTC: 259.90 Watts
Max Power Voltage (Vmpp): 31.50 Volts
Max Power Current (Impp): 8.89 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 38.50 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 9.43 Amps
Max System Voltage: 1000.00 Volts
Series Fuse Rating: 15 Amps
Module Efficiency: 17.4%

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Additional information

Weight40.1 lbs
Dimensions65 × 39.1 × 1.57 in