Enphase IQ6+ 335W+ 240VAC/208VAC Microinverter w/ MC4 Connectors


Designed for higher powered modules, the smart grid ready Enphase IQ 6 Micro™ and Enphase IQ 6+ Micro™ are built on the sixth-generation platform and achieve the highest efficiency for module-level power electronics and reduced cost per watt.

Part of the Enphase IQ System, the IQ 6 and IQ 6+ Micro integrate seamlessly with the Enphase IQ Envoy™, Enphase IQ Battery™, and the Enphase Enlighten™ monitoring and analysis software. The IQ 6 and IQ 6+ Micro are very reliable as they have fewer parts and undergo over 1 million hours of testing. Enphase provides an industry-leading warranty of up to 25 years.

Easy to Install
• Lightweight
• Simple cable management
• Built-in rapid shutdown (NEC 2014)

• Optimized for high powered modules
• Supports 60 and 72-cell modules
• Maximizes energy production

Smart Grid Ready
• Complies with fixed power factor, voltage and frequency ride-through requirements
• Remotely updates to respond to changing grid requirements
• Configurable for varying grid profiles

Category: Single-phase Grid tied
Type: Micro-inverter
Topology: Isolated with Transformer

Enclosure Ratings: IP67
Dimensions: 1.49 × 7.52 × 8.62 in
Weight: 3.3 lb

Peak Efficiency: 97.00%
CEC Efficiency: 97.00%
Recommended PV Input (STC): 350 Watts
Maximum DC Input Voltage: 62.00 Volts
Maximum DC Input Current: 15.00 Amps
Min MPPT Voltage: 27.00 Volts
Max MPPT Voltage: 45.00 Volts
Number of MPPT’s: 1
AC Voltages: 208 Volts or 240 Volts
AC Frequencies: 60Hertz
Continuous AC Power Output: 290 Watts
Min Operating Voltage: 16.00 Volts
Max Operating Voltage: 62.00 Volts
Positive Input Channels: 1
Negative Input Channels: 1


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Weight3.3 lbs
Dimensions1.49 × 7.52 × 8.62 in