Powering your home and protecting the environment does not have to be hard. With solar energy, every day is Earth Day. That’s because solar is an eco-friendly energy choice that can save the atmosphere from harmful ozone emissions while it helps you reduce your energy usage. Make a smart home energy choice and start generating your own electricity!
Solar cells are made of thin layers of silicon. When ultra violet rays strike the solar cells, a chemical reaction releases electrons, generating electric current. Individual cells are grouped together to form solar modules. The power is then sent to an inverter to change the DC voltage to AC voltage to be used in your home.
Our solar systems are attractive, safe, reliable and virtually maintenance free. And now rebates and incentives can cut the systems purchase price by as much as 50%.
Benefits of Solar
• Save money every month by lowering your electric bills.
• Save money on your system purchase with state rebates and federal tax credits.
• Utilize free energy from the sun, protecting the environment.
• Enjoy the feeling of producing your own power.
• Earn clean energy credits to help pay for your system (SREC).